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*2016 Laurette Kirstein Scholarship*

The Office of International Services is pleased to offer the Laurette Kirstein Scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year. This year we are happy to announce three awards of $5,000 each (pretax) in the form of student account credit for tuition, books, and living expenses will be offered to international students who display academic excellence and meet the following requirements:


1.  An international student* currently enrolled full-time at UIC pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree

2.  A minimum UIC cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0

3.  Must have successfully completed at least one semester of coursework at UIC at the time of application

*The term “international student” encompasses any student enrolled at UIC who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a permanent resident, who holds a valid non-immigrant visa status, and is maintaining his/her status. In addition to those individuals who entered the U.S. on student visas, this population includes students in dependent status who are eligible to enroll full-time in an academic program.

Applicants must submit the following documents to have a complete application:

-Application Form - The application includes a brief description of your financial situation and a personal statement.

-Two letters of recommendation – Letters from UIC faculty and staff members are preferred. All letters should address your scholastic and professional abilities and should not come from family or friends. Letters can be mailed directly to the address below, emailed to, handed in by the applicant or attached to the electronic application form.

Applications missing one of the above components will be considered incomplete, and will not advance in the competition.

Please note that if you are selected as an award recipient, funds will be distributed directly to your student account during the 2016 – 2017 academic year. Funding will be applied directly to your student account if you have a remaining balance. If you do not have a remaining balance, the award will be directly deposited into your bank account that is connected to your student account.

All applications are due by midnight on Friday March 11th, 2016 to the Office of International Services (MC 326), Suite 2160, Student Services Building (SSB) OR they can be scanned and emailed to:

For more information, and to submit your application or letters of recommendations, please contact: Office of International Services, 2160 Student Services Building (MC 326), (312) 996-3121,

*Other Scholarships for International Students*
International students are eligible for scholarships, fellowships, and grants offered outside of UIC. More information and eligibility requirements for each scholarship is available through the following website: If you have questions regarding any of these scholarships contact the specific organization that is offering the award. Some organizations offer multiple awards, which are not all for international students.

*UIC Scholarships for International Students*
International students are eligible for the following scholarships that are offered by UIC. More information and eligibility requirements for each scholarship is available on the Scholarship Association for UIC’s website at . If you have questions regarding any of these scholarships contact the Office of Special Scholarship Programs at (312) 355-2477 or

Scholarship/Award Name Student Level College/Major
CCSGLBTI Graduate Award Graduate Any
John E. and Marguerite Corbally Award Graduate Any
Sandra and Furio Alberti Memorial Award Graduate JACSW
Winifred Geldard Memorial Award Graduate LAS
Judith Ikenberry Award Undergraduate A&A
Association Awards Undergraduate Any
CCSGLBTI Undergraduate Award Undergraduate Any
Chicago Bar Association Entertainment Committee – Law Award Undergraduate Any
Donald and Leah Riddle Prize Undergraduate Any
E. Sue Campbell Award Undergraduate Any
Eileen and Michael Tanner Award Undergraduate Any
Eugertha Bates Memorial Award Undergraduate Any
Fred Garcia Endowed Award Undergraduate Any
Jeri Parker Award Undergraduate Any
Josephine Margraff Memorial Award Undergraduate CBA
Ralph Westfall Award Undergraduate CBA
Trace-Derrick Award Undergraduate CBA
B.J. Merkle Award Undergraduate ENGR
Francis Moon Award Undergraduate ENGR
Norman Parker Award Undergraduate ENGR
Cathy Hill Cawthon Memorial Award Undergraduate LAS
Donald and Patricia Langenberg Award Undergraduate LAS
Hirsch Family Award Undergraduate LAS
Mark Wyatt Award Undergraduate LAS
Norman Nachtrieb Memorial Award Undergraduate LAS
Peter and Elsie May Klassen Memorial Award Undergraduate LAS
Ronald Moses Award Undergraduate LAS
Violet Berquist-Redding Award Undergraduate LAS
Richard H. Ward Award Undergraduate and Graduate LAS