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Campus Housing offers a wide variety of housing options including family housing. They have a number of residence halls on UIC’s three main campuses. Campus Housing offers programs, activities and services that provide an educational advantage for UIC students. They also offer premium locations throughout the campus that other off-campus housing options cannot.

If you are interested in campus housing, you should apply early since spaces can fill up quickly. The application, as well as information about deadlines and fees, can be found on the Campus Housing website.

If you arrange for Campus Housing, make sure to schedule your arrival in accordance with a time the Campus Housing office will be open.

If you have questions about Campus Housing, you can contact the office at 312-355-6325 or


UIC has an Off-Campus Housing office located on the second floor of the Student Residence Commons, 700 S. Halsted, Room 2026.  The office provides housing information and offers many services that you may find helpful in making your living arrangements. Many internationals choose to live off-campus. Chicago is a big city with many diverse neighborhoods.

A word of advice: If finances are a concern, we recommend that you do not rush into signing a housing contract (lease) until you are aware of all your housing options. Calculate carefully what you can realistically afford before making your decision. Be aware that heating costs may not be included in your rent and may be a separate expense. Due to the climate in Chicago, this can be expensive.

Apartment terminology
When apartment searching you may run into some of the following terms:

  • LeaseA lease refers to the contract that you sign when you rent an apartment.  A lease is a legal relationship between the tenant (you) and the landlord.
  • ApartmentAn apartment is a long-term accommodation, in a housing unit which occupies part of a building.
  • RentalA rental is when a payment is made by temporary use of another’s property.
  • Hostel - A hostel is a short-term, budget accommodation where customers can rent individual beds in social rooms, or sometimes private rooms but with a shared bathroom.
  • Apartment Search Company – An apartment company searches for an apartment for you free of charge.  Instead they are paid a percentage by the landlord.

Helpful websites
Following are helpful websites, newspapers, and apartment search companies that may be of use to you in your search.

Leasing Information
When experiencing landlord, leasing problems, and/or need disability services, you may find one of the following services helpful.

Student Legal Services
*For UIC students only (not faculty/staff)
1200 West Harrison
3030 Student Services Building
Chicago, IL 60607

UIC Disability Services
1200 West Harrison
Room 1190 SSB
Chicago, IL 60607

Center for Renters Rights
3007 North Ashland
Chicago, IL 60657

Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing
100 West Monroe Suite 1800
Chicago, IL 60612

Access Living Disabled Assistance
115 West Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654

Chinese American Service League
2141 South Tan Court
Chicago, IL 60616

*This list is for informational purposes only. OIS does not endorse any of these businesses.  Rates depend on availability and are subject to change.

Temporary Housing

Temporary Accommodation

We recommend that you contact the UIC Guest Housing Office for information regarding “Guest (Short-Term) Housing” on campus. A few hotel and youth hostel options are listed below. There are many other temporary housing options in Chicago. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Hotels/Hostel  near UIC:

Crowne Plaza – Hotels & Resort
733 W Madison
Chicago, IL 60661
“CTA” 15 minutes from UIC

Holiday Inn – Hotel & Suites
506 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607
“CTA” 10 minutes from UIC

Marriot Chicago at Medical District/UIC
625 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60607
312-491-1234  Toll-Free: 1800-356-3641
Walking distance from UIC

AAE Chicago Parthenon Hostel
314 S. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60661
Walking distance from UIC

Hostel in the downtown area:

International Youth Hostel
24 East Congress Parkway
Chicago, IL 60605
“CTA” 15 minutes from UIC

Hostel on the north side of Chicago:

Chicago Getaway Hostel
616 West Arlington Place
Chicago, IL 60614
“CTA” 45 minutes from UIC

*Ask for University discount (not hostels)