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Trade Winds

Trade Winds is designed to globalize your UIC experience by creating international connections across cultures on campus. Join today and…

• Explore Chicago with your Trade Winds partner

• Gain a better understanding of other languages, cultures and values

• Attend special events throughout the semester

• Promote internationalization on campus

• Make lasting connections with people from around the world


     How the Program Works:

New international students are paired up with U.S. students to participate in one-on-one and group activities throughout the semester. International partners learn about UIC and the surrounding community and local culture. U.S. partners benefit by learning about other countries, cultures, values and traditions. The program provides unique opportunities for its participants to interact and educate each other about their cultures, countries, perspectives and their life experiences. Additionally, it gives students the opportunity for involvement and leadership in a meaningful extracurricular activity.

If you are an international student...

  • Join now to learn about UIC and the surrounding community as well as cultural customs of the Chicago area!

  • New international students in their first or second semester at UIC are encouraged to apply!

If you are a U.S. student...

  • Join now to make a lasting connection with an international student, be a mentor and learn about other countries, cultures, values and traditions!


Applications for Spring 2017 are due by January 23, 2017.


Program Expectations

In order to have a rewarding experience in Trade Winds, a full sense of commitment from all participants involved is essential. Below is an outline of the responsibilities and commitments that are expected from all Trade Winds participants.

Take responsibility for meeting and maintaining contact with your Trade Winds partner at least five times throughout the semester. It is primarily the responsibility of the U.S. Domestic partner to initiate these meetings and to adapt to the international partner’s particular needs and interests.

Keep a reflective journal of your activities and interactions with your partner. You will be asked to keep an updated record of the events you attend with your partner and will be asked to submit a journal near the end of the semester.

Attend mandatory events and meetings throughout the semester to discuss the progress of your partnership and your experience



Previous Trade Winds Events:

Trade Winds Kick-Off Event

Meet your partner and join us for refreshments.

Field Museum

Join us for a trip to the Field Museum with your Trade Winds partner!

Make a Difference Service Day

The group will head to the Lewis School of Excellence as part of a service project for this new school in Chicago's Austin neighborhood.

Mid-Semester Retreat & Bowling Night

Catch up with all of the Trade Winds participants for some leadership and team-building activities.

Film Night

Come watch Crossing Borders and engage in a discussion in intercultural exchange!

Closing Banquet

Join the group for dinner and discuss the new friendships you've made by participating in the Trade Winds program.