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Forms for Faculty/Staff/Scholar Processes

Administrator forms must be filled out by the sponsoring department.

General Documents

  • Faculty/Staff Departure Verification Form
    Complete when an international faculty / scholar / staff member in the department is terminated from their appointment, resigns, or completes their stay.
    Administrator and Applicant

J-1 Exchange Visitor Applications

  • DS-2019 Request Form
    To request for a new J-1 Exchange Visitor to begin a program in a department as a Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-Term Scholar. This includes scholars transferring-in from another institution. To bring a Student Intern, see the J-1 Student Intern Request Form below.
  • DS-2019 Extension Form
    To extend the stay of a J-1 scholar in the Research Scholar or Professor categories.
  • No Patient Care Statement
    To be completed on department letterhead for any Exchange Visitors that possess foreign MDs.
  • J-1 Student Intern Request Form
    To request a J-1 Student Intern to begin or extend a program in a department.
  • J-1 Student Intern Evaluation
    Sample template for the required J-1 Student Intern program evaluation.
  • J-1 Travel Signature Form
    For Exchange Visitors already in the U.S. who need a travel signature or "out of country" authorization for a prolonged absence.
    Travel Signature Request

  • J-1 Request to Add Family Members
    For Exchange Visitors already in the U.S. who would like to add a J-2 dependent.
    Request for Family Members
  • J-1 Change of Funding/Replace Lost DS-2019
    For Exchange Visitors already in the U.S. who would like to change their funding. This form may also be used to request replacement of a lost or stolen DS-2019.
    Change of Funding/Replacement of Lost Documents
  • J-1 Transfer Out Form
    Exchange Visitors must complete to request a transfer from UIC to another institution or program.
  • J-1 Transfer In Form
    Exchange Visitors must complete a request to transfer to UIC from another institution or program. The Transfer In Form is included within our standard DS-2019 Request Form on page 4.

H-1B, O-1, and E-3 Applications

  • All employment based cases are now processed through our on-line case management system ImmigrationTracker.


  • Department Letter Template
    Template letter for inviting a specialty occupation worker from Canada or Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).


  • B-1 Checklist
    Includes template letter for inviting an international visitor in the B-1 or WB categories.