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Payments to Foreign Nationals

For a general guide on payments to foreign nationals please see the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS) website and review the “Payments to Foreign Nationals” section, which is password-protected.  You may also access general information about Taxes and Foreign Nationals from the main OBFS site, Taxes, Foreign Nationals section.

The OBFS site provides links to additional documents required for OBFS and Payroll, such as the “Tax Reporting” and “Withholding Checklist for Foreign National Reimbursements” form.  Completion of these forms will be necessary before Payroll will allow payment to the individual. Additionally, the site contains links to Foreign Nationals Payment Eligibility Grid, Payments to Foreign National Employees, Payments to Foreign National Non-Employees, Travel and Expense Reimbursements, and Foreign National Tax Status Review Appointments, Nonresident Aliens vs. Resident Aliens, and How to Get a Temporary Control Number (TCN).