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If you are experiencing an emergency on-campus, connect with UIC Police by dialing 5-5555 from any campus phone or (312) 355-5555 from any non-campus phone. You can also call UIC Police by activating one of the 1,300 Startel emergency call boxes located around campus.

If you are experiencing an emergency off-campus, connect with Chicago police, fire or medical first responders by dialing 911.

If you need to connect with UIC Police for non-emergency assistance, dial (312) 996-2830 or visit the UIC Police Department website.


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Learn how to register your phone or email to automatically receive information from UIC in the event of an emergency at the UIC Emergency website.


OIS After-Hours Emergency Contact

The Office of International Services' Emergency After-Hours Contact is the university's official response to federal regulations impacting travel by international students, scholars, and their dependents. Any one of these individuals who may be experiencing one of the following situations may contact the Emergency After-Hours Contact:

  1. If you are denied boarding a flight bound to the U.S., or denied entry into the U.S., where all of your immigration documentation is valid and you are a current student, scholar, or dependent; or
  2. If you are detained at an airport or a U.S. Port of Entry (e.g. border-crossing, seaport, etc.).

The Emergency After-Hours Contact phone number is: 1-312-415-0334 (from abroad: 001-312-415-0334).

Please note the exceptions to calling this number below:

  • If you forgot or lost your immigration documents (DS-2019, I-20, EAD card, Approval Notice, etc.) do not call the number. Instead, email your OIS advisor for assistance.
  • If your visa application is delayed or denied, do not call the number. Instead, email your OIS advisor for assistance.
  • If you are currently in Chicago, do not call the number. Instead, email your OIS advisor or come to OIS during business hours.
  • If UIC does not sponsor your immigration status, do not call the number. Instead, contact your immigration sponsor for assistance. (Example: Fulbright, F-1 OPT or J-1 AT through another institution, etc.).
  • If you are in the U.S. and hurt or in danger, do not call this number. Instead, call 911. If you are over-seas call emergency services in that country.