Conversation Partners

Improve your language skills and fluency!

Conversation Partners is a program at UIC provided through the Office of International Services, in partnership with the Study Abroad Office, designed to bring together international students with U.S. students to improve language skills and cultural awareness. International students can practice their English language skills with a U.S. student, while U.S. students can improve their foreign language skills, and with a native speaker. Both are able to improve their cultural competencies and gain first-hand language skills by connecting with their peers in an out-of-classroom learning environment.

Students are asked to meet a minimum of five times with each other throughout the semester. Students will be paired up based on similar language interests and academic goals. Throughout the semester, the Office of International Services and the Study Abroad Office will coordinate activities for participants to attend together to help sustain a fun learning relationship.

Conversation Partners can meet for a quick conversation over coffee, at a social outing or even at a casual gathering or study session. Students participating in the program can use the program's flexibility to design a calendar for the semester that works best according to individual schedules. Students will gain the opportunity to improve cultural competency and practice a language with a native speaker by engaging in out-of-classroom discussions.


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