OIS News - 2/11/2014-Archived

Windstar Tax Service for International Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Office of International Services (OIS) is happy to announce that Windstar, a tax-preparation software to assist you in the filing of your 2013 Federal Tax Return, is now available in the my.UIC portal.  When you log in, to find the Windstar software please click on "Services" section of the portal, then click on "Information Technology."  A new window will open with instructions on how to create (or reactivate) your Windstar account.  Follow the instructions for how to complete the forms.  If you still have any issues with the software, please send an email to ois@uic.eduClick here for the Release Notes for this year's tax software.

Illinois State Tax Returns can be found on the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

If you have not received income during 2013, but were present in the US during that year, you will need to complete Form 8843.  This form can be downloaded at

This link is being provided as a service to you.  The Office of International Services is not permitted to provide tax-preparation advice and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your tax return.