OIS News - 1/27/2014-Archived

2014 Laurette Kirstein Scholarship

OIS is pleased to announce that information about the Laurette Kirsten Scholarship application is now available. There will be several awards offered to international students who display academic excellence and meet the standardized requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the Laurette Kirstein Scholarship:

  1. An international student* currently enrolled full-time at UIC pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree
  2. A minimum UIC cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0

* The term "international student" encompasses any student enrolled at UIC who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a permanent resident and who holds a valid nonimmigrant visa status. In addition to those individuals who entered the U.S. on student visas, this population includes students in dependent status who are eligible to enroll full-time in an academic program.


Click here for details on how to apply!